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Equine Worming

West Bar Vets Annual Equine Worming Programme

Our programme is suitable for horses over 6 1/2 months and is tailored to your horse. You only treat when necessary which reduces the build up of resistance to wormers and is more cost effective. It covers treatment against all the important equine parasites (roundworms, bots, all three species of tapeworm and all larval stages of small redworm).

Our programme:

  • DECEMBER: Worm your horse with EQUEST PRAMOX
  • MAY, AUGUST AND NOVEMBER: Submit fresh dung sample for faecal egg count, based on the results we will advise whether to worm and which product to use.

Dung sample collection:

  • Collect in an air-tight sealed container and as full as possible to prevent air contamination which can cause the eggs to mature so they are not detected giving a falsely low result.
  • Collect the sample from 3 areas of a fresh dung pile to increase accuracy of the result as the distribution of worm eggs is uneven.
  • Drop off at our Banbury site before 1pm to ensure we can process them at their freshest for accurate results.

Wormers can be collected from our Veterinary Hospital in Banbury or by prior arrangement from one of our branch surgeries located in North Banbury, Adderbury, Southam and Woodford Halse. Wormers can also be sent by post on request (small charge for postage will apply).