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Protect for Life* Plan


Give your pet the quality of life it deserves with our ‘Protect for Life Plan*’.

At West Bar Vets we believe in helping you to give your pet the best quality of life possible. Regular veterinary check ups and appropriate vaccinations have a very important role to play in this.

Our ‘Protect For Life Plan*’ offers annual check ups and free vaccines for life for your pet for a single payment of £98 (including VAT).

At your annual consultation one of our veterinary team will examine your pet, advise you and give the most appropriate vaccinations to maintain your pet’s protection against the major killer diseases. The vaccination protocols are decided by the Practice and may vary.

To qualify for our ‘Protect For Life Plan’ you must register your pet with our practice and your pet must be up to date with it’s current vaccinations. If your pet was vaccinated elsewhere we will need to see your pet’s previous veterinary records or a completed vaccination certificate at your visit. If your pet’s vaccinations have lapsed additional vaccinations will be required for entry into the plan and must be paid for at the time they are given.

This offer is valid at all our surgeries and is transferable between our branches.

What is not included in the ‘Protect For Life Plan’?

The annual consultation does not cover the cost of other procedures (for example nail clipping or emptying of anal glands) or drugs – even if these have been included for free at previous vaccinations. You will be advised of any additional fees which must be paid at the time.

Our ‘Protect For Life Plan’ does not include vaccinations for Rabies, Feline Chlamydia or Bordetella (Kennel Cough) or for diseases that may emerge at a future date. These vaccinations if required can be given at your pet’s consultation and must be paid for at the time.

If your pet becomes overdue for one of its scheduled vaccinations on our ‘Protect For Life Plan’, it may be necessary to start the initial course of vaccinations over again. We aim to send reminders to clients but it is the client’s responsibility to return their pet to us every 12 months for its annual vaccination. We will not be responsible for costs resulting from any failure of our reminder service. If your pet’s vaccinations have lapsed additional vaccinations may be required which must be paid for at the time they are given.

What happens if I no longer have my pet?

Our ‘Protect For Life Plan’ is a non-refundable offer. No part of this offer will be repaid if you no longer have your pet. If you re-home your pet, our Practice at its sole discretion may transfer your benefits to the new owner.

This offer cannot be transferred to or used for any animal other than that of the registered pet within the scheme. To prevent fraudulent use of the plan, your pet should be microchipped (if necessary, this service is available when you join the scheme at a discounted rate). If your pet is not microchipped you must present your registration documents or vaccination record EACH TIME each time your pet attends its annual checkup. Clients found using the scheme fraudulently will lose all benefits for all pets they have registered under the scheme and no refunds will be given.

What happens if I move or decide to get treatment from another vet?

If you move away, we regret that there are no refunds available. If you come back to us and have remained up to date with your vaccinations you can rejoin the plan. If your pet’s vaccinations have lapsed additional vaccinations may be required for you to rejoin the scheme which must be paid for at the time they are given.

It is a condition of our ‘Protect For Life Plan’ that you use our practice for your regular veterinary care. Using another local veterinary practice for your regular veterinary care will invalidate this offer and no refunds will be given. Using another vet in an emergency or by agreement with ourselves (e.g. for referral) will not invalidate the plan.

Other Notes, Terms and Conditions of our ‘Protect for Life’ Offer

It is a condition of our ‘Protect For Life Plan’ that you remain up to date with all payments due to us. You will not be entitled to any ‘Protect for Life Plan’ services whilst there are monies owed by you to West Bar Vets. If your pet’s vaccinations have lapsed additional vaccinations may be required for you to rejoin the scheme which must be paid for at the time they are given.

This ‘Protect For Life Plan’ offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers offering discounts on annual or booster vaccinations unless explicitly stated.

Any changes to our ‘Protect for Life Plan’ will be posted here on-line at westbarvets.co.uk/protect.

The ‘Protect for Life Plan’ is a veterinary examination and treatment plan designed to protect cats and dogs against the major preventable diseases of pet dogs and cats in 2014. These are Canine Distemper, Canine Parvovirus, Canine Hepatitis, Canine Leptospirosis (two types), Feline Flu ( 2 types), Feline Panleukopenia and Feline Leukaemia. Vaccinations even when given as directed by the manufacturer are not 100% effective and this plan does not guarantee protection in all cases. The plan relies upon the continued availability of the vaccinations used.

Annual Booster price* quoted is based on the cost of the plan divided by the average life expectancy of our patients. A single vaccinations at the Average Booster price is not available you have to purchase the plan.

If for any reason the practice is not able to continue to provide the plan in the future it may at its sole discretion refund the client a proportion of the initial cost of the plan based on the number of vaccinations the pet has received under the plan.

This web page may be updated regularly and does not form part of any agreement with West Bar Veterinary Hospital.

If you purchase our ‘Protect for Life Plan’ and change your mind please speak to our staff within 7 days of purchasing the Plan.

Notes: This document was last updated January 2014. Errors and omissions excepted.