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Blood and other samples are frequently needed for diagnostic purposes, not only when your pet is unwell, but also as part of our preventative methods, so that disease processes can be detected as early as possible.


Our in house laboratory enables us to provide a range of individual tests and profiles to best suit your pets needs at competitive prices, alongside expert interpretation and advice. You can expect a fast turnaround of results allowing a quick decision on treatment helping improve patient well-being: something that is particularly important when providing emergency care.



Rebecca Willis Bsc Biomedical Science

  • 7 Years in Histopathology as BMS at the John Radcliffe Hospital
  • 2 Years as laboratory technician at WBVH

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Rebecca Kay BSc Bioveterinary Science

  • 1 Year as laboratory technician WBVH

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Michele Taylor Msc Habitat Creation and Management

  • 3 Years Trials Officer at Twyford Seeds Ltd
  • 18 Years Ecologist at Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
  • 6 Months Laboratory technician at West Bar Veterinary Hospital

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Wet Biochemistry – offering a range of different profiles to best suit your pets/farm animals needs.

Dry Biochemistry

worm eggElectrolytes3

Full Haematology

Clotting Profiles


Skin Scrape analysis for ectoparasites

Faecal Analysis for endoparasites. Our methods provide us with a quantitative analysis for worms and coccidia and qualitative analysis for fluke, identification of lungworm, Giardia and canine Parvovirus,

Aspergillus Fungi

Microbiology Culture and Sensitivity – allowing us to determine the best course of antibiotics to treat your pet and reducing the chance of antibiotic resistance.

Fluid Analysis

Cytology. We hope in the future to be able to offer Histology.

And more….


We also work closely with external laboratories such as SAC and AHVLA to offer herd health scheme monitoring and diagnosis of infectious diseases.