West Bar Veterinary Hospital
19 West Bar, Banbury, Oxon OX16 9SA
Telephone us (24 hours) on: 01295 262 332

Lost and Found Pets

Has your pet gone missing?


Firstly, check the active Facebook Community Group set up by ourselves for the benefit of the community Pets Lost and Found in Banbury


Secondly, please send us the details of your missing pet using our contact form.


Have you found a pet?


Again, check out the Facebook Community Group Pets Lost and Found in Banbury


If you think you have found a straying pet please let us know via telephone on 01295 262332 or our contact form and we will add the details to our records.


Please give us as much information about the animal found including the type of animal, its age and any collars or tags.


The following organisations can help with injured or straying pets:

  • For all injured animals contact the RSPCA CENTRAL CONTROL ROOM on 0300 1234 999.
  • For uninjured straying dogs contact CHERWELL DISTRICT COUNCILS DOG WARDEN SERVICE on 01295 227007.
  • When Cherwell District Council offices are closed please contact Thames Valley Police for assistance.