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Passporting and Microchipping

Since June 30th 2004 it has been mandatory for all equines in England to have a passport (excluding defined populations of identified, listed wild and semi-wild horses in designated areas of Dartmoor, Exmoor and the New Forest), and since July 2009 all passport applications must be accompanied by a microchip which must be implanted by a vet.

Passports can be obtained from various Passport Issuing Organisations and must be applied for foals within 6 months of birth or by December 31st of the year they are born – whichever is later.

Passports contain sections for recording ownership and identity, vaccinations and medicines. There is also a declaration regarding whether the horse is intended for human consumption, which must be signed by either the vet or the owner when certain medicines are administered – for this reason we may ask to see your horses passport before giving treatment.

Microchips are implanted into the ligament at the top of the neck, and are required even if your horse is freeze branded. To make microchipping your foal as stress free as possible he/she should be halter trained and well handled.